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Coronavirus Glossary

It’s useful to understand relevant medical terms during this time of health crisis. The new coronavirus has thrust a host of unfamiliar terms into our everyday discourse. Some are brand new, others aren’t but are being used in unexpected ways.Here are some definitions to help you keep up with the latest on the global pandemic

Covid-19 in USA

Life has changed since the outbreak of Coronavirus in Wuhan, China on Dec 31, 2019. This virus has now affected 158 countries and territories around the world.
As of now (March 16, 2020), total confirmed cases of COVID-19 is 1,69,545, with Active Cases: 85,267, Recovered Cases: 77,761, and Fatal Cases: 6,517.There are at least 3,244 confirmed cases of novel coronavirus in the US and at least 61 deaths. Taking a look at how the global pandemic has affected various aspects of life in the United States reveals the unique nature of this crisis.


It was on Sunday, we were planning to go out for my brother’s marriage shopping.My 60-year-old aunt was seen missing around and my younger son was in search of her. He came saying “Grandma is lying down on the floor. She cannot talk.” We all rushed to her room and what we saw was the shock of the year. She has lost her balance, slipped, and was on the ground. She was trying to call us..

My Doctors

Effective communication is an essential component of delivery of healthcare. We will appreciate a healthcare physician if he/she is a combination of professionalism and caring, and they become our favorite doctors.Understanding patient’s expectations and doctors perception about patient’s expectations during doctor patient communication is valuable in strengthening practices of patient centered communication in any society.

Medical Records

John was admitted in hospital for right knee arthroscopy and was instructed to do the complete health checks before surgery. It was not so easy for John to handle his medical papers including lab results, pharmacy reports, and hospital bills.Like John we all would have experienced such situations for ourselves or for our loved ones at hospitals. The medical reports if misplaced or lost, the situation is really embarrassing

Preventive Healthcare

Good health begins with prevention and that all starts with the individual. The aim of Preventive Healthcare is to help find, prevent or lessen the effect of disease. Preventive healthcare can save lives and contribute to a better quality of life by reducing the need for radical treatments, such as surgery or chemotherapy. Flu shots, blood tests, mammograms, and anti-smoking advice are among the most well-known preventive services.

Coronavirus — A Global Health Emergency

Coronavirus is a kind of virus that causes an infection in your nose, sinuses, or upper throat. Most coronaviruses are not dangerous. Some types of them are serious, though. Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS) and Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS ) are important types of coronaviruses. In 2012, about 855 people in Saudi Arabia from MERS and 774 people died from SARS in 2003. Now in Dec 2019, WHO identified a new type in China and named it officially as COVID-19

Hey, It’s Time for your Medication

When Danny was 36 years old he was diagnosed with Rheumatoid Arthritis. As an Engineer, working in the Automobile Industry, he was unprepared as a patient to face the mountain of medications he was prescribed. His first visit to the pharmacy was overwhelming, and he didn’t know how he could keep up with all the meds he needed to take at different times.Seriously? He would need a spreadsheet to remember the prescriptions and medicines.

Medical Billing Made Easy Now

Jasmine had a lot of paperwork and this increased her pain in addition to her injury. She was admitted in a private hospital for the surgical treatment of multiple fractures in her left ankle. Today is her discharge and she is calculating her total medical expenses in the hospital.Although a pen and paper should suffice when completing these tasks, there are a couple apps out there that can help you stay organized in the digital world. HiPAI is a convenient and user-friendly app that can help you keep track of your medical expenses without any clutter or file folders.